Project Mom’s Christmas Gift List: Lots of giveaways!!

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED….the winner is #2767- Alice Treadaway.  Congrats Alice!  We hope you have a MERRY MERRY Christmas!  Please email us at to claim all these gifts!!!

We decided that it would only be appropriate, if this is our “Favorite Things” blog, that we give away several items on our Christmas shopping list this week.  We have something on this list for everyone from babies to adults.  And yes, one person is going to win one big package containing everything on this list!!!  Ah!!! We’re so excited to send this to the winner, we can hardly wait!  We feel a little like Oprah, but on a much, much, much, much smaller scale. J So without further ado, here is our Project Mom Gift List giveaway:

#1- The 5-Minute Cake Pop Maker



We LOVE cake pops!  Around here we’ve been making them for every occasion that comes along. Actually we’ve been making excuses to have occasions just so we can make some!  That’s why we were blown away to find this 5-Minute Cake Pop Maker at KidsCook.  They also have 5-Minute Cupcake Makers, Brownie Makers, Donut Makers, and even more.  It’s a ridiculously wonderful amount of heavenly treat makers!  You can check them all out at, but we’ll just stick with the Cake Pop Maker for the purposes of this giveaway.  We had to stop somewhere, right?

#2- A Chore Chart from ScriptureArt Design

This is a “must-get” Christmas gift for any family who is trying to get their home organized and teach their kiddos responsibility at the same time. You can get them customized with your child’s name (or the child who you’re giving the gift to and you can choose which theme you’d like).  Check out all the different designs here.  They are made on dry erase material so you can change them over and over again.

We’d like to say this is for any young child on your gift list, but really we all know it’s for mom and dad. :)

#3- Feathered Jewelry

This is for the trendy fashionista on your list!  We’ve been obsessed with feather jewelry lately, so we figured it must make our Christmas gift list for someone!  We’ll not only be giving away some feather earrings, but some necklaces too!


We began wearing these bracelets a few days ago and can already tell a difference!  They contain negative ions and magnets that help improve your mental focus and combat fatigue… Uh, “yes” and “yes”… we’ll take both please!  You can see all the fun colors they have available and read more about how they work at  The other great thing is that they never run out or “go bad.”  So the only reason you’d need a new one is if you just want a new color! 

Here’s the best part, we’re giving you one as a stocking stuffer for every person on your list this year!

#5- Our Favorite Cookbooks!


A cookbook is always a great gift to give—or keep!  As part of this Project Mom Christmas Gift List, we’re throwing in three of our favorite cookbooks. Whether you’re looking to “wow” your friends and family with a secret recipe from your favorite restaurant, or if you’re looking for a great cupcake recipe to go with your new cake pop maker, or if you are just looking to pack quick and healthy lunches for your kids—we’ve got you covered. These are great gifts to give, but if you’re like us, you may want to keep them for yourself!

#6- Golf-n-Go Starter Set by Athletic Baby


As promised, we have something for every person on your Christmas list, including toddlers!  Cassy’s kids have loved playing with this new golf set.  The best part is they can play it outdoors and then bring it indoors on rainy days too!  If you’ve got a future Tiger on your list, this is the perfect gift for them.  If you’re not the lucky winner, you can still grab one at and get it in time for Christmas!

#7- and last, but not least a CROCK POT!

Yes, you heard us correctly.  And this is not just any crock pot!  This is a 6-Quart polished stainless steel crock pot!  Isn’t she a beauty?!?!  Who says you have to give this one away?  You need a gift for Christmas too, right?

We wish we could give everyone the things on our Favorite Thing’s Christmas Gift List, but only one lucky person will get it this year… at least for this year!


To enter this giveaway, post an answer to the following question in the Comments section of this post:

“What are you asking for Christmas this year?”


1)      Only one entry per person, pretty please.

2)      Click here to make sure you’re a fan on our Project Mom Facebook page.  You must have “liked” Project Mom at (This is how we’ll let you know about all of our Favorite Things giveaways!)

3)      Winner will be announced Thursday at 5:00 pm CST.  Winner must claim the prize within one week.


  1. 2996
    Jennifer says:

    I have three things on my actual list this year that I really hope to get, a jacket, a vacuum and mittens. However, that is never the most important part of the holiday, I look forward to being with family, giving gifts, and most of all seeing my boys on Christmas morning light up with excitement…they a twins and 7 years old…this is the very best part and if I have one true wish is that this Christmas will be magical to them.

  2. 2997
    JoAnne Wilcox says:

    What I would love to get for Christmas I can’t have. My father (who passed away 17 years ago), I miss him every day and I would love to have him back just to make sure everything is fine with him.

    Another thing would be peace and goodwill to everyone, I find that I am not a negative person and have gotten alot of slack this year for being positive, but it won’t stop me from being positive.

  3. 2998
    Jill Jones says:

    What I would love for Christmas this year isn’t exactly feasible. My husband has now been the principal of a junior high with over 1400 students for just over a year, and I would love to be able to take some of his stress away so that he could come home earlier to be with our 4 and 6 year olds, (who he actually does LOVE spending time with). In lieu of that I would love to be able to get him a relaxing massage. Until then, we will enjoy the little moments that bring joy and laughter everyday. Merry Christmas!

  4. 2999
    Cindy Doolittle says:

    I am asking for a wonderful Christmas celebration with my family & smiles on my daughters faces on Christmas morning. Just being together, being in good health & celebrating the birth of Jesus my Savior is my Christmas wish for 2011.

  5. 3000
    Dusti says:

    The one thing I would love for christmas, is freedom from stress! The stress of not being able to pay bills on time! The stress of having the father of your children gone every week for work, and being that single mom to the kids that need their father there for them… its hard being both the mother and father! I’m so very thankful for my family and to have God in my life, with them I can get through these stressful times!

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